Hacked servers SyTech technical partner for the Russian Federal Security

Access to the data of several projects in the Russian Federal Security Service through the penetration of SyTech contracting with them.

اختراق خوادم SyTech الشريك التقني لجهاز الأمن الفيدرالي الروسيHacked servers SyTech technical partner for the Russian Federal Security

To enable Pirates of the internet they call themselves the 0v1ru$ access to company servers SyTech technical and have access to millions of information about projects of the Russian Federal Security Service, has been operation on July 13, the current and the following which was leaked to 7.5 terabytes of data from those servers and then they put a picture of the face the reckless up on the company’s official website in the end.

He described the knowledge to hack the company’s servers to the entire network technique, and then he Pirates the participation of the data set with the Digital Revolution.

To assess the second group posted on its account on Twitter and send it to the BBC, the Russian version.

Projects include the government of the Russian Federal Security Service:

  • Nautilus – Project data collection to users on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or VK.
  • Nautilus-S – draft freedom hidden network (known as Tor) servers using the likelihood.
  • Reward – a project to integrate P2P networks on the way to what’s happening with the torrent.
  • Mentor – a project to observe and look for e-mail communications made through the company’s servers of Russian.
  • Hope – a project to investigate Russian technologies on the internet and how to relate with youth in other states.
  • Tax-3 – the project to create an internal network to store sensitive data and information of high level characters to be separated from the rest of the network State.

The draft is considered to control the movement of the hidden network (Tor) of the most prominent projects you are working on the Russian government, so that this type of network works on the second generation of communication and therefore difficult to monitor or spy on you, so the ability to know the movement of the servers of those networks will give access to places important information in the raid.

But in general, the entire project represents a natural step for Russia and the intelligence services or security in most countries of the world, he gathered the information offline is easily done via internet networks and communication at the same time, all governments do.

Previously it was all fingers available to Russia with all the process of a breakthrough, but the process has now signed in Russia. It would be the defendant?



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