Hacked Tumblr, but without casualties among users

اختراق تمبلر لكن دون وقوع ضحايا بين المستخدمين

Maybe he has a Tumblr’s popularity is low in the Arab world, however, there are a number of bloggers on the site who find it a special place to spend their time away from the bustle of the social networking sites and other training.

It seems that the users of Tumblr were just around the corner from becoming a victim of breach in the site, which the company said that it had to overcome them without any of users ‘ data for training.

The company reported that the gap in the High effect was found within the pages feature recommended me the other, this feature shows users logged on to the site, was Can by clicking on those pages hacked users ‘ data.

And frankly, it can be said that there is not a lot of data that can be obtained from the accounts of the site except the email and password and geographic location, so the effect of the hack is not worth receiving networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Recall that a security researcher had found a gap and sent his report to around, the company has done to overcome them during the day, was awarded the researcher the amount of money for his report.

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