Hacked WhatsApp, does it affect me and what should I do?

In the past few days have been urged users of the application WhatsApp is updated immediately, because of an error, a serious security allowed hackers to seize everything in your phone via the connection, both answered this call or not! Am I as a user of WhatsApp target of those malicious programs out? What should I do?

What happened?

A security hole was discovered in the messaging service owned by Facebook, allowed hackers to install spy software through voice call mined through the application WhatsApp. These malicious programs spying on calls, texts and all other data, as well as activate the phone’s camera and microphone and do the activities of the other harmful!

What phones are targeted?

Unfortunately affected all brands of smart phones, which apps are installed WhatsApp or WhatsApp business, including Apple devices operating iOS, as well as phones running Android and Windows devices and operating system Tizen “open source operating system for mobile phones the product of a collaboration between Intel and Samsung and others,” according to Facebook. The sense of threat in full for each of the application uses WhatsApp for 1.5 million people worldwide!

Who’s behind the attack?

According to”Financial Times”, the company’s electronic intelligence Israeli NSO Group developed this software business malicious. So much so that it is not the users accept the call, he the specialist behind the window that the call, in the words of the press.

Does that effect me?

I don’t know the number of people who know they so hack. It has only been acquainted with some persons who were exposed to so it was them human rights lawyer in the UK researcher, Amnesty International.

You affect me as a user?

If you do not receive any voice calls through WhatsApp, especially from parties unknown, you didn’t disappear after. As well as, if you are an international lawyer distinguished or working in sensitive positions in the state and used for the application of WhatsApp, you have to be wary.

What should I do to protect myself?

The Facebook immediately changes on the servers to help protect users and support updates instant to different operating systems. Therefore, it is advised to update manually through the App Store App Store on the iPhone as well as Google Play, as well as the rest of the different devices. And if you can’t update, remove the app and reinstall it.

So is updating apps is very necessary to first protect yourself from intrusions and data theft, but helps in the operating system. It may be an older operating system and update supports new applications.

It is worth mentioning, that most of the devices iPhone, receive support for your operating system it may reach more than five years. While the Android devices on the manufacturers, for example, the phones Pixel camera of Google receive updates for three years of security updates and updates to the system as a whole.

So as to your operating system at work, and I said, updates supporting it, the more his weaknesses became exposed to risks of by cybercriminals.

And what about my computer?

It is also important to keep updating the operating system on the PC or Mac or laptop, even delivery of those breakthroughs.

Do you see that those breakthroughs affect the confidence of all the messaging apps are? Tell us in the comments.



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