Hacked WhatsApp software malicious allow spying on users!

WhatsApp was hacked programming malignancy allowed hackers to trade on a large number of users according to a report by the Financial Times.

اختراق تطبيق واتس آب ببرمجية خبيثة تسمح بالتجسس على المستخدمين!

Hacked WhatsApp software malicious allow spying on users!

Malicious software is installed on the victim’s computer by calling it from a strange number exploited security hole in Whatsapp, whether the victim answering the call or not install the software on his device without knowing it or noticed giving inventors full access to the health data include site free and personal messages.

The report of the newspaper The Financial Times reported that the company Israeli spy NSO Group is behind the hack process, and her previous record in spying on people influential in favour of a particular government over the spying program of its own known as Pegasus. Israeli police in turn denied its involvement in the process of penetration of WhatsApp in the official statement.

This gap seemed to exist since a long time, and tapped the rhythm with a large number of unknown victims, most of the influential persons around the world and discovered the developers of WhatsApp but with the beginning of the month of May, which were reported to the U.S. Department of justice the hack process to take the necessary measures.

What should we do?

Maybe you shouldn’t worry too much because the processes of penetration and the exploitation of the vulnerability in the WhatsApp was targeting specific people with influence and power. In any case, you should do the update of WhatsApp now instant and download the latest version from the Google Play Store or the App Store to fill that gap and secure your account on the app.

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