Hacker Google requires Tim cook 2.45 million dollars to charity

One of the best researchers in the field of security challenges Apple and Tim cook personally. He believes that Apple CEO must sacrifice 2.45 million dollars to charity. According to him, this amount he would receive if he participated in a paid program for Apple for finding bugs.

Jan bir works on Google’s Project Zero team. This team of researchers is engaged in finding bugs and vulnerabilities in software products of different companies. She breaks into other people’s products, and then reports any problems to the creators of these products. It just so happened that the beer gets Google to pay for what he’s looking for bugs in products from Apple and helps to fix them.

Assume that the working hours of Jan Bira was fully paid. Despite this, he believes that Apple also has to pay for his work at a price that the company specifies for the participants of your program to locate bugs. Bir himself a member of this program is not. For some reason he decided to publicly discuss the situation and tweeted the following:

Hey @tim_cook, I worked over the years to make iOS more secure. Here is a list of all the bugs that I reported, and they pass the classification for your program to find bugs since its launch. Can you invite me to the program so we can donate the money to @amnesty?

Apple has provided a nice reward for participants in their program, but a public statement of Bira, the company has not responded and probably will not respond. We can only speculate in our chat on the topic of reasons which forced the researcher to go public and to appeal to Tim cook.

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