Hacker Taiwan threatens to delete the page, Facebook founder network and broadcast operation directly

هاكر تايواني يهدد بحذف صفحة مؤسس فيسبوك عن الشبكة وبث العملية مباشر

The white hat that’s what he calls himself hacker Taiwanese Shang Xi Yuan, which was announced to follow his numbering 26,000 on his own page in Facebook, it will delete the page and Mark Zuckerberg, president and co-founder of Facebook next Sunday, according to estimates of Bloomberg, where it will broadcast the event directly through a page of his own as he promised.

It is considered Shang famous on the local level trying to make money through the discovery of gaps and errors of the software companies and websites and solve it, have been subjected to trial in Taiwan with a lawsuit from one of the bus operators local to him and breached their system and buy a ticket for 1 Taiwan Dollar or approximately 3 cents, where publicized his fame in the country through the PBS was reviewed in this case.

He noted the Shang and earlier the intention of these publications address the use of piracy as a way to make money, as Facebook has announced it will reward researchers Security who report vulnerabilities to the region, and in the case of the success of the white hat to hide the expense of Mark will be fulfilled his promise to follow and he completed his challenge blatant of the company, will be defeated in the throne of King of social networking, you’ll be the second time that subjected to the process of penetration after the first year 2011.

Will Shang the challenge on Sunday p.m. set Local, which means one o’clock noon time of Makkah and politics a.m. New York-first and ten in the morning in London, we’ll see then whether portable serious or crackle media or that Facebook will put an end to all of this before you start.

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