Hackers choose to 2018 attack on newspapers American popular

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هاكرز يختمون عام 2018 بالهجوم على صحف امريكية شهيرةHackers choose to 2018 attack on newspapers American popular

Cause the cyber attack on Saturday in disorder wide freedom to print and distribute the newspaper Los Angeles Times and the American Big other of which is owned by the Tribune splicing such as the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun.

The Los Angeles Times, citing a source aware of the situation and to cyber-attack its source outside the United States.

The newspaper said that the attack led to the postponement of the distribution of copies of the Saturday newspapers, The Times of tree and sun and other newspapers published in Los Angeles.

Reported The Tribune splicing, which include newspapers and also the New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel, she spotted a malicious program on Friday.

He told the Los Angeles Times that the women own the west coast from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times also been affected by the attack.

Reported Marissa Collier spokeswoman Tribune splicing that virus chic has damaged the systems that used to print, production ”health through what we have in various of our facilities“.

She added in a statement, ”no evidence of access to your information with credit cards of the customers or their data personal“.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security’s training of the employee.
The spokeswoman added Kitty Waldman in a statement, ”We are aware of reports of an electronic attack potential to affect several institutions newsletter we are working with our partners in government and industry to understand the position better.“

Yet to get a comment from representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F. Me.I).

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