Hackers exploit software Apple TV to spread the counterfeit copies of the famous apps

Use some pirate software Apple TV to spread the counterfeit copies of the application and proximity to the likes of Spotify and peck lemon laws mines,according to Reuters.

The report stated that the publishers of the app of fake and were able to use the certificates of the developers of the ad hoc companies to provide their apps for employees. This certification is a numeric keys confirm the reliability of the installed apps on the iPhone outside of the App Store.

Certification can be obtained for 299$ according to the website TechCrunch, and displays them app publishers from the proceeds of the applications are fake, as they know through their paid services for cheap rates.

The report noted that the most prominent publishers of the accused همTutuApp, Panda Helper, AppValley, TweakBox.

There is no doubt that this is how the practice of policy developers, so Apple quit testimonials some of the publishers of the accused, but they made the request for a witness other during the following days, however, the involved in the misuse to be thrown out always in cases of abuse.

And Apple, if the implementation of the principle of authentication to log in to the account of developers starting next month may occur from cases of misuse.

Finally, while there is no information about how much profit the Pirates of the applications counterfeit, according to a Reuters report that the accounts of the accused of faking famous apps available to more than 600,000 people on Twitter, which indicates that the profit is not immediately trivial.

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