Hackers hacking webcams Ring of the Amazon

Hackers hacking webcams Ring of the Amazon

A number of news reports that hackers are infiltrating into the custom cameras home security, and they talk with the children across devices, and even left words of a racist.

According to the report, the intended purpose of the control function of the binary call provided by surveillance cameras is to allow parents to verify their children. But hackers use them to awaken people in the middle of the night, the children watch unsuspecting.

Concerns abound in your home security, a subsidiary of Amazon (range) Ring. The company refused (range) of reports related to hacking hackers of the system and use it to communicate with children and families. She said it’s unrelated to cyber security company.

Even with the investigation early on how to exploit the device, and the investigation conducted by the company Motherbroard – who revealed on online forums where they discussed hackers how to break into accounts (range) associated with the camera – a spokesman said (the ring) newspaper the British Guardian: “We have no evidence of a break-unauthorized or hacked systems or network range”.

In his statement to the Guardian newspaper, a spokesman said on behalf of the (range): if customer confidence is important to buy a ring, and we “we take the security of our equipment seriously,” he added that customers should be more cautious about their personal information.

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The Senators (Ed Markey) from Massachusetts might swipe in the month of November the last company (range) for being “an open door to violations of privacy and civil liberties”. And Amazon goaded the police forces on the use of products (range), for example, through the donation of 15 camera police department in Lakeland, Florida. Established (range) buy with 405 of police forces across the country, according to the site (Weiss) Vice.

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