Hackers hunt for owners of the Ethereum wallets. How not to lose all the cryptocurrency?

You still get to mine crypto-currency a plus? Be careful, because hackers never sleep. According to Bitcoinist, fraudsters launched a full-scale campaign to search for and hacking vulnerable Ethereum wallets and even farms for mining. In the risk group may be all users whose port 8545 opened for scanning.

How not to lose your coins

Co-founder of Bad Packets Troy Marsh warns that the surge of attackers began a week ago. The focus of their attention was the standard port for the JSON-RPC interface some types of software (especially Geth) and Ethereum wallets. Recall that JSON-RPC interface API, which allows applications to search for relevant information about mining and the prices of cryptocurrencies.

For maximum security, access to the interface need to access only locally. However, in some cases it is possible to get via the Internet, which threatens complete loss of all ETH in your wallet. The hacker only needs to find the right “victim” and send it the necessary commands.

The vulnerability of port 8545 is not new, for the first time, miners learned about it back in 2015. Since then, cryptocommunist regularly reminded about the need for security measures. Users must ensure the normal operation of the firewall and set a strong password on the JSON-RPC interface.

Source: Bitcoinist

It is noteworthy that this problem last time I was actively discussed during bullrun 2017. Against the background of growth rate of ETH hackers use all possible methods of obtaining other people’s money, including a port scan 8545. In that moment, when the Ethereum traded at $ 600, one of the fraudsters managed to conduct a successful attack and collect tens of thousands of coins with a total value of $ 20 million.

In order not to lose all your cryptocurrencies is because of hackers, be sure to listen to the advice of the subscribers of our chat.


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