Hackers penetrate U.S. states by using the tool developed by the NSA

Reported by a report published by the New York Times reported on Saturday that the hack tool, developed by the US National Security Agency NSA, and now used by a group of Pirates in the campaign attacks a wide number of cities and towns of America.

The newspaper reported that the gap that used in the current attacks are EternalBlue, which was unveiled in 2017, the hacking group famous Shadow Brokers. There are vulnerabilities in the computers operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Although Microsoft hastened to the launch of the fix the gap immediately disclosed, except that it requires from companies and government institutions to update their systems to prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities. And any delay in the update of the systems vulnerable to attack.

Which is what happened already, it used pirate this gap in the same year to launch the onslaught of ransomware the world infamous “I cry” WannaCry, which closed computer systems in hospitals, banks, phone companies, and asked the governments to ransom to improve the systems.

In the year 2017 also, use the gap to attack the other; named “Knott, Betty” the NotPetya, the hosts Ukraine, has described the attack as one of the most cyber-attacks destroy the camera at all.

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Now, you EternalBlue, developed by the US National Security Agency NSA, in their own home Agency: the city of Baltimore.. Since 7 May, which exposed the city to attack the ransomware, has caused these attacks to disable the computers of the government which are used in the provision of services to citizens.

Said The New York Times in its report: “it’s not about the in Baltimore only.” “Say security experts the attacks EternalBlue has reached a high level, and that cyber criminals are focusing on the cities and towns of America the vulnerable, from Pennsylvania to Texas, which cripples local governments and increases the costs”.

In reference to EternalBlue, said the director of security response at Symantec Corporation (Vikram Thakur) told The New York Times: “it is incredible that the tool used by the intelligence services, is now publicly available and widely used”.

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