Hackers steal $ 1.5 million monthly balances of digital currencies

Refers to research conducted by Ernst & Young company which was competent to control the global policy and consistency of service that a hacker stole about $ 1.5 million a month from digital currency during the past two years, he researchers concluded that more than 10 percent of the balances of digital currencies is lost or stolen by pirates between the years 2015 and 2017. The most speed through the filter, which is a common attack that aims to deceive victims clicking on malicious links to be able to speed, as related to contraindications conservative electronic attacks resulting in the seizure of all stocks stored there. Recall that, from time to time shock in the market of digital currency following the theft of, or permit one state officials on the prevention of the circulation, as a warning many of the competent authorities of the risks of trading digital currency on theft, fraud, coupled with the sharp fluctuations of prices and speculation that threatens financial and economic stability of individuals and states.

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