Hackers stole 7074 bitcoin on Binance. How many of them managed to get?

Representatives of the firm Coinfirm told about the movement of bitcoins was stolen from Binance and moved into various wallets. We will remind, hackers broke into the exchange in early may and stole therefrom 7074 BTC. Since then coins move from wallet to wallet.

According to the observations Coinfirm, hackers withdraw all received on stock exchanges profit in different cryptocurrencies. The first transaction was recorded here, and then it was followed by everyone else. More recently it became known that the hacker gets rid of BTC on multiple exchanges.

Source: Coindesk

Grant Blaisdell of Coinfirm says the following.

Analysis of one of mandanov, which a hacker uses for mixing of the stolen money, shows that he was able to exchange already 1,8087 BTC or the equivalent of 21 thousand dollars at the time.

Moreover, even managed to capture all of the exchanges on which the transaction occurred.

  • Bitfinex: BTC 0,7934
  • Binance: 0,4294 BTC
  • Bitmex: 0,0022 BTC
  • KuCoin: 0,0713 BTC
  • Kuna: 0,2482 BTC
  • Bitmarket: 0,2560 BTC
  • Crypterra: 0,0072 BTC
  • Bitcoin.de: 0,0007 BTC
  • WazirX: 0,0003 BTC

Though with some reservations, but it is clear that a hacker threw a certain amount of each of these exchanges, and then either exchange them for tokens from another blockchain, or just not touch them. Of course, this is little consolation for those who followed closely the movement of their stolen coins.

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Binance not only managed to recover after a break-in, but also to continue to implement plans for maximizing the spread of crypto. Last week the largest crypto currency exchange launched margin trading. It will allow users to trade digital currencies with the use of leverage, that is, to place orders and conduct transactions with the use of leverage.

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