Hackers succeed in hacking into the infrastructure for World Communications in the campaign for the new spy

hacker hacking

Released today a new report from news agency Reuters report that researchers security company Cybereason America they found out that there are hackers succeeded in hacking the systems of many telecommunications companies around the world, said the move to take on a huge amount of data these companies were in more than 30 countries around the world.

He explained these researchers in the company Cybereason that there is some evidence to suggest that it was the leadership of these cyber attacks from government officials and not by the group of hackers ordinary because methods have long been used extremely in complexity, the tools always linked by the United States government and its Western allies, China, at least according to Mr. Lior Div, who serves as CEO of Cybereason.

On the other hand, denied the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry informed him of the report, added that the Chinese government does not allow anyone to do such activities on Chinese territory or using of the basic infrastructure of China for these purposes. And as you can expect, has rejected the company Cybereason disclose the names of the companies affected as a result of this hack, or the state in which they operate, but some of the Insiders on the issue indicated that China is targeting the increasingly telecommunications companies in western Europe.

Explained the president and CEO of Cybereason that has been tracking the campaign over the past nine months, and it turns out the company in the end that this campaign constituted a threat to the information technology network of the interior of some of the constituencies, which allowed hackers to take advantage of this hack is to steal a huge amount of data.

It is worth mentioning that the company Cybereason she had said on previous occasions, she revealed the attacks suspect it is orchestrated by China or Iran, but said the company Cybereason this time she is sure that attacks new e-originated from China and not from Iran because it was found more than five software tools were used by this group in particular.

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