Hacking my plane – the new version of the black hats

Author (Cameron Camp) – researcher in information security (ESET) ESET

I’m currently building an experimental aircraft at home. It’s not scary, there are a lot of other inventors who can easily provide a forum for effective and professional in the anti-piracy industries aircraft both large and small.

You think the aviation industry is paralyzed because of the fear of negative press, especially in relation to the events of the hack. With systems wired (and wireless) new and available in the new aircraft, you’ll find there is a network of hovering around in the air near your seat in the cabin.

Not all networks move in the things of the critical plane; the networks are used in many simple tasks such as changing the color of the lights in the cabin. So what is the risk to control systems in flight? This is exactly what his perception of the auto industry ten years ago: what could happen to drive the car if hacked, it seems the hack is not relevant to the control of the car?

Even it happened through the “black hats”. Soon, we saw the videos of the vehicles that get out of control after the hack. Fortunately, the automotive industry with the fact of piracy, said some of the sponsored events of piracy such as “the village of hacked cars” in the conferences of the hackers DefCon. The reaction was turn a very positive attitude towards current events. Through the involvement of culture hackers in a more open manner, and started the technique of a moving car in the defence against intruders which helps in maintaining the safety of all of us.

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The airline industry wasn’t as much of a response. Although not logical to bring an aircraft in a suite at DefCon, but it appeared a little welcome to research piracy. Not supposed to allow some systems currently used in aircraft, but it seems that cultural inertia may move slightly.

We have a briefing that the ” black hats” mess with the guidance systems on board the small aircraft. Often used these types of systems in the aircraft such as that I own.

The concept of the detection of the typical industries have made large is not welcome in most of the time, those who work on their own aircraft manufacturers to do with them, they are the main candidates to participate in solving things and improve performance.

You should know that in spite of all of the above there is no problem with our relationship public, it’s in the end lies in the desire to resolve the problem. We can publish the results of your research on lists and groups of enthusiasts in the United States such as the Society for Experimental Aircraft (EAA), where people share ideas quickly and directly.

Do you make it work? Definitely. Since about 40 years, started the experimental groups for manufacturers at home in penetrating the aircraft in order to improve performance. At the present time, may be the manufacture of aircraft built in the region of the carbon fiber wings low and learn to assess the speed and increase them, which will for sure performance light aircraft manufactured by the company, which is still the aircraft industry produced by and which is considered even today to a large extent on the techniques age of 70 years. At half price also.

One form of home industry which is the Lancair IV-P, which uses the same engine in the lead flying at 200 miles per hour, he can shave in the range of 350 to approx. It’s good but it’s sad what you can achieve piracy operations in the industry.

Are planes home-made safe? Yes, it is. And they have insurance rates for similar aircraft and other high performance, so there was enough time to prove the reliability of design education and research.

It’s time to engage the industry – not to find fault, but to fix the problems. We are here to help. If you let us.

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