Half of the bitcoins have not moved for a year. It seems that the market is under accumulation

Bitcoin is called digital gold. First, the analogy can be traced thanks to the artificially programmed deficit — Satoshi Nakamoto limited the total number of BTC 21 million coins. This should give Bitcoin a deflationary effect. While a fixed offer provides invaluable data analysts who follow the movement of BTC and trying to identify potential market trends. Reports on the movement of bitcoins also allow to estimate the number of hontarov to identify potentially forever lost BTC.

More than half of the bitcoins have not moved for a year

Research firm Delphi UXTO uses Digital data to determine the pivot point, when the sellers begin to emerge from the market and starts accumulation. These indicators may indicate the feeling of the bottom of Bitcoin and the term of its location.

Each waste BTC creates a new UXTO, which specifies the travel time and number of coins. This allows Delphi Digital and other analysts to define, what part of Bitcoin is the savings of investors. If the aggregate age of the UXTO decreases, it indicates increased activity. And Vice versa.

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Recall that the measure of the number transported in the course of the year BTC Usen below 50 percent toward peak in December 2017, and then began a rapid decline as the market was filled with bears. The lowest level it reached in April 2018, which supposedly indicates the shift of sentiment towards the accumulation of savings. The comparison of these data with previous cycles of bulls and bears can help analysts determine the bottom of Bitcoin. According to the current information of the bear market, recently the annual rate UXTO again exceeded 50 percent, just before a steep dive Bitcoin in late 2018 to 3,250 dollars.

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