Handbag a flexible the latest fashion of Louis Vuitton !

حقيبة يد بشاشة مرنة أخر صيحات الموضة من لويس فيتون

It seems that companies in the French fashion world “Louis Vuitton” she wanted to get the meaning of new additions to its product and that technical development of all in all areas of our daily lives, but in their own way, the brand has two copies of women handbag with two screen more accurately 1,920×1,440 pixels through the knowledge of LV’s Cruise 2020.

The first bags are a single on the fact the other was a pair of screens combined are the length, the width videos random experimental areas and the streets of New York City of America that was held in the last week.

The police said in a comment on the presentation of this piece as a look at this version on it from the basics revisited why Sumter cloth the digital future, adding that they seeking to always behind the integration of technical skills with innovation and when you get it out of their products, I didn’t remember if she had to manufacture the screens themselves or they hired other companies.

,It is not confirmed yet if Louis Vuitton will to go after women by actual production or will it be just this initial offer to bag the film’s premiere passers-by, which definitely will attract attention of pedophiles to try to possess her whatever it cost them, and will not have their price of course cheap as Louis Vuitton brands and the highest price at the global level.

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