Hard disk external new Huawei automatically backup the contents of the Huawei Mate 20


After it detects series phones, Huawei Mate 20 Series in the past week, I have decided to Huawei, which will now detect the first supplement designed for the new smart phones, this accessory is an external hard drive for backup, data Huawei supports ST310-S1.

As you can see, this hard drive for site data design boasts a rounded, and covered with for in top for more luxury and aesthetic note that this device has dimensions of 136mm x 29mm and it comes with a weight of 270 grams. At first glance, you might think that this device is a wireless charger, but it’s not, it’s actually a hard disk capacity of 1 TB is designed to automatically or manually backup the data files stored inside your smartphone with the flag it works as well as a young man.


Can connect disc casting this with the charger 5V2A or 9V2A quick to pass power to the phone. Unfortunately, you can’t connect the charger 40W SuperCharge with this hard drive. While charging the smartphone, the hard disk says the backup of all data stored within the device, including images, documents, videos and other files other. In fact, this solution is perfect for those looking to charge their smart phones and protect their data also from loss.

Generally, this external hard drive new from Huawei will be available for purchase officially on the 26th day of October, and the price has not been disclosed until now.



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