Hardware processors ARM get full support for 64-bit applications in Windows 10

الأجهزة بمعالجات ARM تحصل على دعم كامل لتطبيقات 64 بت في ويندوز 10

Moved company ARM semiconductor manufacturer for a big leap during the past short period, where he became a key player in the phone market and mobile devices, particularly in the presence of graphics processors own which are used in phones, Samsung and Huawei, mainly computers, from Samsung and Lenovo.

Because of the weakness of the ARM processors in the past, Microsoft supports those processors in the devices that use Windows with 32-bit, and did not provide support for the application of best 64-bit, where in some cases, application developers change their way of programming to show the application of the 32-bit Way 64-bit, and of course was the effectiveness of the applications below.

But maybe after the great development has ARM recently, has Microsoft decided to support Windows fully on devices powered by the company’s products, which gives a strong impetus to the latter in the market to expand processed as long as the notes full support for Windows 10.

It is worth noting that devices like the Yoga C630 from Lenovo, as well as the Galaxy Book 2 of the Samsung powered by the company’s products.

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