Harley-Davidson starts production of electric motorcycles

The world-famous American company for the production of motorcycles Harley-Davidson in recent years does not please its investors with financial indicators. In connection with this, as well as with the growing popularity of electric transport, the management of the moto giant decided to start producing electric motorcycles. To this end, as reported by TechCrunch, a deal was concluded with the manufacturer of electric bikes Alta Motors.

It is worth noting that as far back as in 2014 Harley-Davidson has already announced its intention to create an electric bike called LiveWire. Then they planned to release a "futuristic motorcycle", which on one charge could travel about 80 kilometers. However, as it turned out, Harley-Davidson recently registered the trademark Revelation. Perhaps, it is under this name and will be released eletrobike, the appearance of which should take place as early as 2019. For the production of new models, Alta Motors in the next 10 years will receive from Harley-Davidson multimillion-dollar investments (the exact amount of which is not disclosed). In return, Harley-Davidson will receive from Alta Motors all the developments, in particular the device of the electric motor and the scheme of the power system.

"Our 10-year strategy is aimed at a new generation of owners and new promising types of electric transport. Therefore, we conducted an aggressive investment campaign in the field of electric bikes and plan to take the leading positions in the new market, not forgetting about our loyal fans. "

It is also worth noting that Alta Motors already has very interesting developments. For example, the company recently released an electric bike that is fully charged in 90 minutes, which is enough to overcome 100 kilometers on the highway or 65 kilometers off-road, so Harley-Davidson has every chance of producing a successful product thanks to cooperation with Alta Motors.

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