Harman Kardon unveils smart speaker Harman Kardon Citation 500


With so many smart speakers in the market today, it has become customers are spoiled, really you to choose. However, if you are of people who are looking for speakers and a smart new sound with the digital assistant Google Assistant, it might be company has a Harman Kardon something suits you where the company detects the speaker’s smart new page under the name Harman Kardon Citation 500.

In terms of technical specifications, the smart speaker new supports streaming High-Definition Audio 24Bits/96Khz. Featuring a color LCD touch-sensitive in the upper part of the device. The idea is to allow users to interact with the smart speaker while they can also run apps, although the size of this screen is not allowed to interact with the device as the representative device Amazon Echo Show’, which has a bigger screen, or smart screens equipped with the digital assistant Google Assistant from the likes of Lenovo and LG.

Speaker new smartphone from the company Harman Kardon also includes a digital assistant Google Assistant, so it can be Speaker of the smartphone to do anything for the digital assistant Google Assistant do on the smartphone, including the appointment of meetings, reminders, alarms, check the news and weather, as well as control the smart home devices. It should be noted that this is not the first speaker smart image of the company Harman Kardon.

Earlier, the company launched the smart speaker Harman Kardon Invoke equipped with digital assistant Cortana from Microsoft Corporation. It is an interesting step that, despite having company Harman by Samsung, but they haven’t yet produced smart speakers with the digital assistant Bixby.



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