Harmful quick charging

Question about the dangers of fast charging does not cease to haunt the minds of users since its emergence. The complexity it adds an abundance of technological solutions from different manufacturers. It’s one thing when the standard of fast charging one as all iPhone and absolutely another when at least a dozen as modern Androidsmartphones. This raises the natural interest of users who believe that if technology several means, among them is objectively better and objectively worse. But this is a misconception.

Fast charging — a thing very inconsistent

Why charge your smartphone quickly gets?

If you are too lazy to read the entire article, I will answer immediately: no, fast charging does not harm your smartphone. So you can easily connect your machine to the power supply of high power, and nothing to worry about. And for those who are interested in the details, I suggest to read further.

As the battery wears out

The only resource that can lose battery is charge cycles

Let’s start start with the definition of harm, which we can guide the study of such phenomena as rapid charging.

Battery life is measured in charge cycles it can endure before it comes physical deterioration, and he will not be able to accumulate energy in accordance with the stated capacity. Generally, modern smartphones have the resource to 500 cycles. One cycle is a full discharge and full charge of a smartphone. That is, the counter is decreased by one, you want the battery one time discharged to 0 and charged to 100%. The loss of available cycles is conditional harm, because the battery does not appear to be any scarring or cracks from too rapid charging.

How good fast charging of the Samsung compared to competitors

The battery it is banal there are no other resources that he could lose, in addition to capacity. In this sense, a very appropriate Association with a kettle where there is a scale. The more water you boil in the kettle, the thicker the scale layer, it will grow and the less water in the future could contain. But if a kettle can be boiled with citric acid, with battery this trick will not work.

The charge cycles of the battery

Please note, as Tesla recommends charging their electric cars

Cycles is the only thing the battery is lost in the charging process and, therefore, each session fast charging should not take 1 and 2 cycles, right? However at all desire you will not find such information. So once again: no, fast charging does not cause more rapid wear of the battery. Because if that were true, no sane person would not use rapid charging and manufacturers quickly be sued and bankrupted them if they’d just tried to hold back this information.

But nothing, as you can see, not happening today. Manufacturers are judged for covering up the slowing smart phones with worn out batteries, but not judged for rapid wear of the batteries. I think that says a lot.

Can wireless charging to charge with the speed of wired?

Very well the nature of batteries, show Tesla. The manufacturer is not afraid to offer the owners of branded cars ultra-fast charging, which allows you to completely charge them in just 10-20 minutes, depending on the model. And batteries there, mind you, clearly more than 5000 mA*h, which are installed in modern smartphones. Somehow, Tesla is not afraid to charge them fast, but it strongly recommends charging the battery at the parts and advises to avoid full charge.

How to charge your smartphone

Fast charging kills your battery faster. Otherwise it would have noticed

The optimal level to which Tesla recommends charging their electric cars is 80%. This allows you to slowly drain the battery, because in this case the cost is not a complete cycle, but only part of it. In addition, it is better not to bring the charge below 20%. In this case, the resource will have to fill a smartphone, there will be more, and instead of the conventional 0.5 cycles it will spend 0.7 or even 0.9 or higher.

Fast and super-fast charging Samsung: is there a difference

The same condition also applies to smartphones, despite the fact that their batteries would seem to differ from automobile. But no. Experts recommend can charge a mobile phone up to 80% for the same reasons. And as to independently keep track of the charge level of almost impossible, it is recommended to use the application AccuBattery, I was telling you about not so long ago. It will notify you about the need to disconnect the smartphone from the outlet once it reaches a predetermined charge level, and also allow you to track the current battery wear.

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