Harvesting 2018 : Google between success and failure

Harvesting 2018 : Google between success and failure

The company launched Google a lot of new techniques exciting this year, but it’s in parallel with this success the company was also the centre of several disagreements and failures in the year 2018.

By the end of 2019 match, we look back at the highlights, lights low, across the whole year the last of the age of the search giant on the internet .

We always start with success, devices and apps can google it I’m working to change the form of benefit human of the modern techniques and money for their daily lives.

The success of Google in 2018

Google Home Hub

Of the most prominent of what Google has for the first time this year, which is a intelligent device separately, it can controls all smart home devices where you don’t need to open a million different applications, this device can expose you information in a jiffy.

Google put the device on sale in some markets compared to $ 130 .

Tablet Pixel Slate

This year too, Google unveiled a tablet device (tablet) new manufactured under the name of Pixel Slate, which features a wonderful screen, the speakers, front dual cameras; 8-megapixel camera, the sensor fingerprint.

Sell Google new tablet that rivals the iPad Pro, the price starts from 600$, and the panel writing separate at a price of $ 200 and a pen to write at the price of $ 100 .

Smart Compose

In 2018 gave us Google, Smart Compose Mail Gmail months of the company’s products at all, which is a modern technique used for machine learning and predictive text to complete your letters in the mail to Gmail automatically.

Greater functionality for the digital assistant Google Assistant

Achieved Assistant Google has also made great strides through 2018, where you can now have conversations ongoing with the plugin, it can now analyze multiple commands in one sentence, as it is more natural than ever, and you can choose from a range of new sounds.

Technical Call Screen

In 2018 Google made the feature Call Screen “screen calls” the new device Pixel 3, which are used to help Google Digital to handle phone calls on your behalf, therefore it can prevent the calls to the spa, do you.

Android P

Of course, it was the most prominent and the most important success of Google in 2018 is to provide the issuing Android new 9 that Google the name of the Android Pie features a design of light and dozens of new features to fans of the open source system.

The failures of Google in 2018

In contrast, the search giant is prone to a number of problems and failures throughout the year, the following are the most prominent elements of the foil of Google by the year 2018 .

Search engine in China watching the users

Google apparently has built a search engine is censored in China, collects data quietly from the people in the country and to the authorities there .

Fortunately led to the reaction of the Google staff-outs of the idea to cancel the project.

Google accused of fraud

The European Union imposed a fine on Google of $ 5 billion in July 2018 because of antitrust violations, and abuse of his role as a dominant actor in the industry to suppress competition.

Black point milestone in record 2018 the search giant.

Google accused of failing to combat sexual harassment within the company

In November 2018, thousands of Google staff around the world from their places of work after the issuance of the bomb published by the New York Times in a detailed report about how to protect the company executives who were accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Scandal Google Plus

In the month of October, I know Google has it’s taken the decision to close its social network Google Plus after the discovery of the loophole is old cause in the leak data read half a million users.

Google said in a statement that they hid is loophole security after detected the lack of defamation of the police at the time .

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