Hasrat Bitcoin Cash was under the control of a single mining pool. Than it threatens?

Hasrat network Bitcoin Cash practically under the control of a single large mining pool — BTC.top. According to a post on Reddit, less than a day ago, the share of this pool had more than 51 percent of the computing capacity of the network. As seen in the chart below, BTC.top took control of 54 percent, which theoretically gives Poole the opportunity to conduct double-spending and slow down the transaction.

Risks of ownership BCH

But only in theory. Recall that, in practice, the attacker cannot create coins out of thin air or to control the balance of the members of the network. Read more the subject of attack 51 percent and its features are painted in this article.

The situation is depressing, especially since Bitcoin Cash is the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. At the time of writing, the share of BTC.top went down to 45 percent. It’s still a dangerous amount of computing power, because of at least of decentralization in such a situation it is difficult to speak.

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This is not the first time BTC.top approaching a critical point. 3 January 2019, the share pool had 50.2 percent of the total Hasrat network of Bitcoin Cash. By the way, today the pool was able to get 7 blocks in a row. One of the users of Reddit notes the following.

Someone is clearly attacking BCH. Personally, I assume that this Calvin Eyre and his friend.

Despite the dominant control of BTC.top over the Bitcoin Cash in the latest update ABC 0.18.5 was implemented checkpointing every 10 blocks.

This release provides serious protection from the reorganization of the network. That is, after 10 confirmations of all transactions become immutable.

Do you believe that the attack on the Bitcoin network Cash can carry out the infamous Craig Wright and Calvin Eyre ardent supporters to fork Bitcoin SV? In our cryptodata of hontarov can share their thoughts and find like-minded people.

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