Hasselblad unveils full car X1D II without interior mirror the price of the 5750 to $

The company announced the Hasselblad about the new version of the cameras possible designed without interior mirror X1D II, which comes with the level of pricing is less than the original version, with performance more speed, the company also unveiled the zoom lenses the new XCD 3,5-4,5/35-75.

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The company submitted Hasselblad over the last years the first version of the camera X1D who came for the first time the design of medium-format without the interior mirror, and today arrive the new version X1D II which comes with a wide range of improvements with the performance of the faster price 5750 USD, which features the new version of the camera X1D II level pricing is less compared to the version first launched to the markets at a starting price of $ 9000.

As the company revealed a Hasselblad for the release of the ninth series of the X lenses zoom in the lens XCD 3,5- 4,5/35-75, which come in a size small to correspond in age with the marriage of wide width in the camera to lenses telephoto short characteristic dimension of a long focal, to apply to the markets in the month of October at a price 5175 USD.

Also among the ads for Hasselblad in Phocus Mobile 2, which is the performance of the new company to achieve quick voice, where it corresponds in action with the camera X1D II cross-connection through USB port C, or WiFi networks, also supports work with both iPad Pro and iPad Air, is set to support the tool Phocus Mobile 2 export images with the highest quality, with direct control of the camera.

Recall that Hasselblad has also indicated the start of the development of the CFV II 50C that feature Sensor medium-format characteristic accurately 50 mega pixel camera, with a screen adjustable recline, to coincide with the V systems in cameras.


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