Have you ever stopped Apple from developing a system of augmented reality?

It is reported that Apple has stopped a project to develop augmented reality glasses temporarily according to DigiTimes, stated that the solution development team and the transfer of the original members to develop other products on top of artificial intelligence. Does the timing of the Apple is actually about to develop a system of augmented reality? Is there anyone who denies those reports?

System Apple between access and whether or not

Sources claimed multiple previously headed by the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo, that Apple was planning to launch augmented reality glasses in early of 2020. He said that the system of Apple will be marketed as an accessory for your iPhone, and believed that mass production could begin at some point between the fourth quarter of 2019 third quarter of 2020.

If the current report is accurate, perhaps reflecting the focus of Apple on another great project nobody knows to what is now.

In November 2017, according to analyst Mark Gurman has Bloomberg, that the system of Apple will be running a custom based on iOS system called rOS . At that time, he said that Apple didn’t put the finishing touches yet on the way that will be to your users in the augmented reality glasses. But surely it will be based on touch and gestures of the head. It was claimed that this technology will be ready for the sky by the year 2019, and can be shipped as a product as early as 2020.

Stated Gurman from before Apple included a pair of smart glasses that connect wirelessly to the iDevice-iPhone, just like the Apple Watch, and the exposure of photos and other data to the wearer.

In April 2018, reported CNET that Apple is developing a system of augmented reality featuring a display of 8K for each eye, it will make the system alone, without connect to any computer or any smart phone. He claimed the report that the system of augmented reality will instead fund a custom “dedicated hardware” using the technique of short-range wireless high-speed called WiGig at 60 GHz. Will run this fund by the processor custom Apple-designed by 5 nm “stronger than anything currently available”.

Other sources earlier, that Apple is working on several different models of devices augmented reality that can be worn under the codename “T288” so it is still possible to issue a product of some kind.

It is worth mentioning, that Apple is developing the techniques of augmented reality and virtual reality for over 10 years, based on the files of the patent that they offer in this area between now and then. It is also rumored to have a secret research with hundreds of staff working in this area.

And not only that, it has challenged Tim Cook about the prospects of the augmented reality technology of the future more than once on more than one occasion. Saying, it’s about that augmented reality and virtual reality is an interesting technology, and augmented reality technology is the most important and the best, because they make the wearer present, since he can talk with others while wearing the glasses.

Reasons to stop the development of augmented reality glasses

The integration that Apple has suspended the development of augmented reality glasses, among other things:

◉ That the current technology is still insufficient for the production of such devices.

◉ Things related to the design of the current ones that don’t can be light weight.

◉ That Apple should focus in the techniques required to currently technologies such as the 5G.

So on Apple wait and do not rush even require current techniques are all private and 5G technology is in its early stages.

Apple didn’t stop development of augmented reality technology after

In another report to cultofmac attacked the report of DigiTimes, said he was doubtful. It was the search in the origins of iOS 13 it turns out that there is much evidence that the augmented reality glasses may come in as soon as possible unlike what we expect.

And the reply to it, that this does not necessarily mean that the launch time soon, it has already added Apple TV and the origins of AirPower in the copy trial early for one of the systems of iOS, but Apple in the end she didn’t call it off.

Added report cultofmac, and that, in addition to the foregoing reports and statements over the years stating that the development of augmented reality glasses, the Apple has built a platform ARKit and developed over the past few years, it seems that augmented reality glasses will be a natural extension of this. It is supposed to be augmented reality glasses of the Apple as an accessory docking-iPhone will serve as a type of display secondary. It will integrate iPhone with all the services of a processing and display landscape and data sites so you don’t need Apple to connect your computer to your face.

Do you think Apple really will cancel the development of augmented reality glasses such as what happened with the AirPower to? Or they will continue to develop temporary? Tell us in the comments.


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