Have you seen electric BMW iNext, which will go on sale in 2021?

BMW says it iNext should be treated like the project i 2.0. Project i — this branded lineup, which included a relatively good mediocre i3 and i8. But both of these electric cars become niche rather than mass; for the mass appeal need a crossover. Actually, he introduced BMW: bold design, the embodiment of visionary ideas about the future, futuristic interface, in short, what else to expect from 2021.

If you look at the interior and think about a boutique hotel, so is this performance aspired team of designers BMW. Two display proudly flaunt how expensive flat screen TVs. The centre console is a mix of wood and turquoise jacquard coating, which is also used for the upholstery of the rear seat.

New electric car BMW iNext will be released in 2021

Now the concept of Vision iNext looks best in profile with the contour reminiscent of the new Volvo XC40. Some radical elements of the exterior design are subject to change by 2021. Cameras instead of mirrors is a good idea as it also reduces wind noise, which is extremely important for quiet electric vehicles — but they will require changes in legislation.


Vision iNext is still a concept car, but you can ensure that along with the movement of the car market towards clean electricity and new forms many of the elements remain in it, and during the exit of a car in 2021.

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