Hawamdeh said: entrepreneurship in Jordan has become considered the top of the pyramid-photo


Set up the Association of companies of information and Communication Technology “produce” a large party on Thursday evening, in honor of the companies supporting the establishment wing of Jordan in Barcelona, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs the beauty of the card.

Gained wing of Jordan, which was held at the International Institute of Communications at the end of February of the current year, the great importance through increased 108 thousands of international visitors to the Institute, 75 percent of them decision-makers.

Visited the pavilion over the four days dozens of chief executives of the largest companies of Arab, regional and international levels working in the ICT sector.

Said the Chairman of the Board of Directors in association “production”, Dr. Bashar hawamdeh said, that the sector of communications and Information Technology, local think has great importance in pushing entrepreneurship to the top of the pyramid.

Dr. hawamdeh said that the Association you need the support of Youth Sports, along that Jordanian companies the developer of providing the Arab companies hundreds of brands, which have achieved great successes.

He stressed that Jordanian companies has a great footprint and in support of Youth Sports.

He said:” the Association of production plans the role of the member Service Excellence in her work and the economy on the defense of enemies and out of the ordinary launched initiatives which are composed with other sectors”.

He noted that the government supported the sector in a good financial period, but we need to continue this support and become supportive of the real sector.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs the beauty of the series, I’m the ICT sector and the Jordanian sector premium and, pointing to Jordan was limited to work 2001, Jordan Telecom, where he was employed 4500 employees, including 600 engineers, today the sector has provided job opportunities to many.

He stressed that the privatization of the telecommunications sector to read to properly and correctly, and conversely there must be increased effort in the development of e-Government, stressing the role of the private sector at the entry into force of the e-Government and its better in the next period.

To do so, said Secretary of the Association, “you need to” fudge test, that the knowledge of the International Telecommunication Union had $ 108 thousands of visitors, 75 percent of them decision makers and 7 percent of CEOs and 5 percent of the members of the Governing boards or heads of bodies.

Confirmed test, that the wing of Jordan delivered his message properly, I was through the services provided by the company or the investment side in the kingdom, considering that the International Institute for the great opportunity you must keep the Jordan part.

For his part, said the President and CEO of security increase cleverness that startups no contribution in moving the wheel of economic and security level in its role to support the efforts and initiatives of the Association you need.

CEO of Zain Jordan, Ahmad hand, that the wing of Jordan in Barcelona has achieved good fruits as a result of the integration the large shown by all the companies of Jordan to participate in the wing.

At the conclusion of the ceremony honored you need to: Chairman of the telecommunications regulatory authority Dr. Ghazi al-jubouri, President and CEO of Zain Ahmed land, and the President and CEO of security increase cleverness, and group home standards, the range to and the Investment Authority and the Jordanian and global



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