HBO confirms again that there will be no sequel for the TV series Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

The end of the movie Game Of Thrones was controversial as it was expected, has given some the impression that HBO probably work on the sequel to this serial. Well, if you were hoping for, he’s disappointed and I hope great to see that the company HBO has now announced that it will be as well. I’ve already been to the police confirmed that there is a new series under development already, but not related with the show Game Of Thrones.

Some of the events in the final season of the series Game Of Thrones like a plan Jon Snow of the wall, pushed some to believe that the company HBO is equipped to launch more seasons or a sequel for the TV series Game Of Thrones in the future, but it turns out now that the situation is not as stated the head of the programming company HBO, Mr. Casey Bloys said : ” I understand where this is coming from, and I understand that completely. But in terms of the desire to be careful of not to exaggerate it or not to kill the goose bearing the golden egg, display Dan and David, as is the case in eight seasons, want to leave it as a special art and not having direct offers, having Aria do it “.

I touched Mr. Casey Bloys also to show the other that is being currently working on, noting that at the time that this offer in the huge universe created by George R. R. Martin, it’s not exactly the same width, and featuring the same characters, not in the same time frame, as it does not have the same dynamic.

Generally, the company will HBO filming the new series which uses some of the events of Game Of Thrones in the month of June, but the company did not reveal the date that will launch the show. May not be broadcast only after at least a year.


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