He said taxi S8 saved the lives of 20 people after capsizing their boat

News reports about the smart phones has always focused on the specifications and new features, and rarely share stories that shed light on the impact of phones on our lives. One of these stories, is that Samsung said the taxi S8 saved the lives of 20 people in the middle of the sea, and thanks to feature resistance to water and dust IP68.

Capsized boat carrying 16 people from divers foreigners and four citizens of the Philippines earlier this month, where the timing of all smart phones work except for the phone Samsung said the taxi S8, which allowed them to request emergency after 30 minutes through the SOS feature.

The phone that was immersed in water the shadow works because of the design of waterproof. Ironically, this incident occurred a few days after the conviction of Samsung to phones is not water resistant as required by the Competition Commission and the consumer in Australia.

Samsung commented on this incident, and she said she was happy to hear that all passengers are safe, and they will continue to work for the production of devices that can help users when they find themselves in bad positions, and take the company this opportunity to remind users the advantage of “Emergency SOS” that can be enabled from the Settings > Advanced features > SOS, where allows users to press the power button 3 times quickly to send a message to emergency contacts reliable.

Source: Samsung

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