He says more than 100 the application of Chinese loans to the diversion of millions of financial data to users


In China, more than 100 apply for the loans of leaking users ‘ private data, including contact details and financial information and even location data. This information is contained in the database with a size of 889 GB, was discovered by Anurag Sen, head of the research team in the company SafteyDetective competent in the review of anti-virus programs.

Said Anurag Sen said that the data leak of more than 4.6 million devices were included in the database, and every time someone uses any of these applications, it is gathering more information. Most troubling is the ability to track the current location of someone through this data base because they are recording longitude and latitude each time the user logs in to one of these apps.

Is the database is hosted on servers run by Aliyun Computing, a company affiliated with Alibaba. However, the scholar said if the company is not involved or responsible for the delivery. Received some sites are screenshots of the information listed in the leaked database, it seems real.

The team intends to Anurag Sen that the existence of marketing agency, one of the mobile applications may be responsible for the registration. But it is still not clear how or why the agency of leaking data.

These applications also other sensitive information such as records of loans details and statements of risk management and details of transactions and personal information. In addition, there is information about users ‘ computers including the detailed list of contacts and records of SMS numbers, IMEI, application data stored and data memory.

The team said SafteyDetective he can use all this data to steal someone’s identity :

There are more than sufficient detail to assume the identity of someone fully without any great effort at all. If the sale of this data on the Dark Web ( Dark Web ), it will become possible to exploit them easily in the ” deal ” Life-Financial, medical, and personal to the individual subject to import. When you are targeted, you can get a new version of the SIM card of the phone and have full access to almost all apps installed in phone target person that may allow you to control its smart home, or access to images, special details, and more.

There are no details about who is the owner of the database until now. I’ve been communicating with the company Alibaba to get more details, we’ll update the publication accordingly.

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