He wanted to return the Pixel 3.. sent to Google 10 phones!

For each company its share of customer service problems, parking is not the exception to the rule, for example, a user story Ridge, Chitose, who wanted to return the phone pixels 3 defective and asked to retrieve his money, but Google didn’t agree.

Tells Chitose that Google returned only 80$ which is tax Buy Pixel 3, this leaves Google City $ 900$ (the price of 128 gigabytes). And Chitose to buy a phone Pixel 3 new in pink to the treatment of separate, but Google thought that the the demand for ten phones, said sending.

Now he owns Cheetos phones pixels $ 9000$ even though he didn’t pay only the price of the phone one of them, and still Google owes him $ 900$ price for the phone is defective, who asked his money back. And legally can not force the American citizen to return the expelled sent to him, even if the government can confiscate the goods being profit for the unexpected and moved to give the IMEI numbers for phones to enable them to use trafficking networks.

Chitose can keep the phones and sell them, but he said he’s trying to communicate with Google to resolve the problem and restore the price of his phone first, even Response account Google official on Reddit have students communicate with them via private messages.

Source: Android Police

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