Head of Xbox shows of camaraderie by referring to the knowledge of E3 is not good without a Sony


It is no secret that in connection with home games, the Microsoft and Sony think two occasions strong in this market thanks to the Xbox and Playstation respectively. For years, enjoying both companies to compete with powerful and shows that particularly this year, showed that the head of Xbox at Microsoft, Mr. Phil Spencer to buy Sony some camaraderie.

Transfer from Mr. Phil Spencer in an interview with Giant Bomb saying : ” I wish I could be Sony here. Figure E3 2019 is not good when you’re not here. “ And for those who don’t know it, why not Sony present at E3 2019 with the knowledge that the Japanese company has confirmed to us since 2018 it will not appear at E3 this year.

At that time, stated Sony said : ” with the development of the industry, availability of Sony Interactive Entertainment search for innovative opportunities to engage the community. Fans Playstation they mean the world always want to get away and think in a different way and we choose new ways to delight players. As a result, we decided not to participate in E3 through the year 2019. We use new methods and familiar to engage our community in the year 2019 and we can’t wait until we can share our plans with you. “

This is not the first show where both companies support each other although they have their obvious market, but this is a fun and extremely refreshing at the same time in a highly competitive industry.


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