Headphone AKG Type-C is now available for Galaxy Note 10 with noise isolation

Finally launched Samsung headset AKG with the technique of noise insulation (Active Noise Cancelling) which will be held by benefit Type-C instead of a separate poison to the traditional 3.5 mm which is abandoned by Samsung beginning of said taxi not repented S6.

It was supposed to be the launch of the sky in conjunction of the launch of not only that this did not happen unfortunately, now the sky is available in my store Samsung Korea Samsung UAE, also has Samsung confirmed that the new headset works with said the province was not, and no spokesman, said the taxi Fuld and the ark of the S6 while it will also work with phones said the taxi S10 which comes already with the entrance of 3.5 mm.

Noise isolation in-ear AKG Type-C phone no

Samsung confirmed that the noise isolation in this sky will reach 99.15% which is a number are excellent while the sky will be the sound board (Stereo), on the other hand are will work seamlessly with all Samsung phones that come with a separate USB Type-C but it’s not yet confirmed whether all phones will benefit from the noise insulation and the rest of the features found in the sky or not, theoretically all it would do, but so far there is no information definite.

The fish will come at a price 250 sr only it is even now not available in all markets. The price of this fish is considered a bit high but they on the other hand, offer the sound quality is impressive and perhaps one of the most wired speaker miss in the market.

Source: SamMobile

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