Headphones AirPods on the bars of the Metro, is it worth the risk?

In an accident Tarifa signed with the American lady was wearing headphones AirPods own when you fell one of them on the subway track in one of the Stations of metro New York. She insisted the lady to retrieve it, how you spend your day without them, especially in the gym which I thought to go to. So how do the recovery without the risk of jumping on the metro track is? Does the absence of one of the headphones AirPods affect the other? Continued with us.

سماعات AirPods على قضبان المترو، هل تستحق المخاطرة؟

سماعات AirPods على قضبان المترو، هل تستحق المخاطرة؟

I thought Ashley Myers last Tuesday, a rough day on them, when you fell out one of the headphones AirPods on the tracks New York City Metro. She asked Myers to help of body to run the subway to retrieve her stethoscope., the papers we should wait at least two hours, and must be present. View one of the passers-by help that jumps into the subway tracks to get phone, they refused to risk his life. And the decision to save hear it in her own way.

The idea of Myers in a clever trick to save hear it, and it is to get a hand broom and adhesive tape. And it worked in the end and restore them again.

Use headphones AirPods separately

Can use the headset AirPod individually, but some believe that this is required in most of the time. You can make calls and listen to audio of various ear while keeping the other ear free to listen and pay attention to what is going on around you.

Further advantages of the use of AirPod one is used for a long time without charging more than usual, if you run out of charging of one you can switch to the other to get experience longer.

To use the headset AirPod only one, put one in your ear and the other in the cargo tray. Will discover any of them in use and automatically will be drawn into the iDevice iPhone.

If you use two together and decided to use one, then disarm them with and then put only one. And then it will convert the stereo sound to mono to get the best listening experience. And when you put the headset AirPod second in your ear, you will switch to stereo mode automatically.

Is it worth risking our lives and jumping on the bars of the metro in order to retrieve something that fell from? Or we have to think a bit and use the trick safe? And can you hear the AirPod one? Tell us about your experience in the comments.



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