Headphones AirPods Pro difficult to reform and change the battery

Although the headset Apple AirPods new eye catching due to the speed in the contact iPhone as well as the hand techniques sound insulation that comes with it and the new design only to fish out a serious flaw may pay you for not buying it -especially that the price is $ 250 – this disadvantage is the impossibility of fixed approx.

Apple has made a hear their new method completely prevents the possibility of changing the battery -as well as fixed – which is very, very bad because it simply means that you give the fish will throw it with the loss of the price in full! This hand clinic and repair, on the other hand the battery in the non-editable at all.

When you buy a new product it is natural to work his cards well, but after a year or two you will notice that the battery health had deteriorated significantly and which will require change, but this option won’t be available of course, and after three years or four you’ll find that the battery had “died” completely, and in this case won’t even be able to sell fish because they simply don’t work.

On the other hand the use of the product for three or four years is fair and for the bulk of users and I don’t think you will regret the amount I paid and enjoyed it for four full years, but here opinions differ in different views, so we shared your view in the comments!?

Source: PhoneArena

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