Headphones Dolby Dimension wireless new provide the best audio experience

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The company launched the Dolby latest wireless headphones is Dolby Dimension which has a price tag of $ 600. Think these headphones wireless vertical is very luxurious, as it’s designed for home use as it offers the experience of high quality sound as you would expect from a home theater systems.

Includes headphones Dolby Dimension some of the features and functions wonderful such as: feature LifeMix which you isolate the noise but it doesn’t isolate the sound completely, it only refines the sound of the ocean. There is also the possibility of the power connection to the Bluetooth between the three devices (such as your phone, tablet, television) this is in addition to the base shipping magnetic elegant.

Unfortunately, to sync the sound may be inconsistent sometimes when you watch clips on YouTube, but it is possible to enable Dolby fix it by updating the system.

For them, the fish are comfortable and very stylish, they are made of stainless steel, aluminum, synthetic leather, as the Black color gives it an elegant touch. Longer headphones Dimension very comfortable when wear, but you may feel some weight on your head after hours this is because of the stainless steel, this also may be one of the existing defects. It also comes with a small bag to carry them.

As it seems, the heavens and the intended domestic use, where users can get set up a distinctive sound and experience the hearsay enormous such as home theater systems. But because many people prefer to watch movies and shows on their phones or laptops instead of TV’s and large companies, the Dolby, I took that into consideration and provided the experience of audio experience with these headphones so you can use them with any device you want.

Containing the sky and the head on the three buttons are essential to the sky right above the زرsleep/ power directly, and can be set to any of these buttons in advance on any devices, and proposes Dolby set button small phone, Medium tablet or laptop, and large hotels, but surely you can set them according to what you want.

It is worth noting that can be paired headphones up to eight devices using the application of Dolby Dimension and three of them with buttons basic at any time.

There is also speaker of the Yemeni touch-panel controls playback, which you can do the operation of play, stop, or transition to the next track or the previous or swipe up or down to adjust the volume, you can also long press activate the assistant Siri or a Google. When you for passed on to the middle of the touchpad, this leads to the activation of the feature LifeMix and noise isolation.

Includes the headphones also feature a head tracking, which is based Dolby it will ensure you a sound sounds like is coming from the screen directly. As is Dolby also the battery will continue to work up to 15 hours and up to 10 hours with mode LifeMix.

It is interesting that the process of charging performed by the charging base magnet, which provides two hours to recharge the heavens full, or about 20 minutes to get two hours of listening.

As for sound experience, the headphones Dolby Dimension provides experience audio like no other. You’ll enjoy the experience of stereo sound wide three-dimensional thanks to stealth Dolby Atmos.

Anyway, the headphones Dolby Dimension you think is well designed and comfortable to wear, as it provides great sound with listening mode of the ocean elegant and enhance the capabilities of high. But it’s also expensive, and may be a bit heavy, as it has some disadvantages such as delayed sync audio with some streaming services.


This topic headphones Dolby Dimension wireless new provide the best audio experience appeared on Engadget.

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