Headphones Powerbeats Pro has tested the strength

In the beginning, Apple has presented the new headphones, are released under the brand Beats in – ear Powerbeats Pro. The novelty has not yet gone on sale in Russia, but in a number of countries have already can headphones to purchase for personal use. Seize this opportunity and MacRumors reporters. Reviewers foreign publications has decided to find out how whether Powerbeats correspond to its declared characteristics.

The greatest interest of journalists has been standard IPX4, which, Apple claims, protected Powerbeats Pro.

To determine how secure Powerbeats Pro edition MacRumors has conducted six different experiments:

  • Drop in sink with included faucet — headphones subjected to greater water pressure;
  • The headphones were left in the shower for a few minutes;
  • PowerBeats Pro checked in the toilet — plunging headphones at a shallow depth;
  • Headphones left in the bowl of water for 1, 5 and 20 minutes.

As expected, Powerbeats Pro coped with all the tests. True with one caveat — the sound of headphones after the water ingress is muted, however, after drying, everything worked without any complaints. Physical buttons and charging is also working properly.

The conclusion is very simple: headphones are protected from moisture and water, and the IPX4 standard. Journalists argue that the total time that Pro Powerbeats spent being immersed in water for several hours. Great result, but the authors warn that over time, the water resistance may deteriorate, therefore, the novelty in any case, should not deliberately be subjected to such a harsh test.

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