Headphones Powerbeats Pro Wireless you’ll get four new colors suitable for summer

Powerbeats Pro

The Apple launch of wireless earbuds Powerbeats Pro about a year ago, it was available for purchase in four different colors only. It seems that Apple is planning to expand the options available to consumers through the provision of headphones Powerbeats Pro four new colors include red, pink, blue, yellow note that these headphones were previously available in white, green, oily, dark blue and black.

Start-up offer headphones Powerbeats Pro for sale four color new in early June, so expect an official announcement in the near future.

Price headphones Powerbeats Pro is considered top of the headphones AirPods, but they provide longer battery life and voice quality the best. Moreover, they are still considered cheaper compared to some of the solutions provided by the competing companies like Bose and Senheiser and B&O and Master & Dynamic. In the case if you are thinking about buying headphones Powerbeats Pro, you might be happy to know that it has been launched today three new colors include white, green, and blue.

Regardless of the difference in design and sound quality, the headphones Powerbeats Pro somewhat similar to the headphones AirPods in the posts, they are a chip Apple H1 latest from Apple, which is the same chip found in the third generation of headphones AirPods, and has been developing this chip to provide a connection faster and more stable than the chip Apple W1 VI. Also that you can use the phrase ” Hey, Siri ” to activate the digital assistant Siri. However, given that the Powerbeats Pro is designed to be used with all devices and not Apple devices only, you can use any digital assistant else with it.

As is the case with the AirPods are designed headphones Powerbeats Pro run and stop automatic when you are wear to or removed from the ear. Each speaker also controls effectively to control the sound level with the knowledge that you can use the latter also to control the playback of songs. You can use the speaker only one at a time or both together in mode stereo.

Provide headphones Powerbeats Pro up to 9 hours of music playback. Along with the cargo tray, you can get a total of up to 24 hours of use. Shipped the box by the Lightning connector but they come with cable Lightning, in case you are planning to use it with an Android device.

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