Headset FreeBuds 3 the latest wireless headsets from Huawei with Kirin A1 price $ 197

Presented Huawei today released the new Sky wireless FreeBuds 3 which comprises of chip Huawei Kirin A1 with Bluetooth 5.1, and smart noise cancellation with price of $ 197 that are available in the month of October.

Come hear a FreeBuds 3 wireless Huawei today as the first headset come Bluetooth 5.1 the pattern of double, with patented BT-UHD in data transfer speed up to 6.5 MB per second.

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Used Huawei headset FreeBuds 3 the technique of Isochronous channels dual, to reduce the time consumption of Fish and thus reduce energy consumption, with processing audio 356 MHz call fixed and stable across the Bluetooth, also supports the clear and precise synchronization between the viewer in the content of the video and acoustics.

Also working chip to remove noise and distortion during voice calls with enhanced efficiency and acoustics to be more purity and clarity, it also comes clear design Dolphin Bionic to support the user experience comfortable and more stability in the ear when wearing the headphones for a long time.

On the other hand, contain the heavens on sensor, built-in sound works on sensing sound by the vibration of the bone, to improve the clarity of the audio during calls according see the vibrations, as this technique works to reduce and remove the ambient noise during calls.

The phone comes with design and also supports reduced wind effect the surrounding when using the sky in the open sites, through the cancellation of wind noise to improve call quality even when cycling at a speed of 20 km per hour.

Also feature headphone FreeBuds 3 design supports the rapid to control music playback and receive calls, How come the sky portfolio supports charging via the USB port C, and the speaker wireless charging Qi., the Or wireless charging of the opposite cross-Huawei phones.


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