Headset Galaxy Home smart: a reply Samsung on Google, Amazon

Confirmed the rumors during the last period that Samsung is working on the intelligent headset will work with the support of the assistant artificial intelligence Bixby. Whether these rumors or not the fact that the Samsung this step is very logical to Own the company to Assistant to the artificial intelligence of its own which carries the name of the Bixby and the great enjoy phones the police about what the world will pay a lot to buy headphones compatible best with Samsung phones their own.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Home

سماعة Galaxy Home الذكية: رد سامسونج على جوجل وأمازون

During the conference, the last which revealed the Galaxy Note 9 of the new revealed South Korean company to hear about its first smart Galaxy Home that will be the beginning of its rivalry with Google , which owns headset Google Home Amazon, which owns hear the Echo.

Samsung launched the before anything talking about the advantages of artificial intelligence assistant Bixby New, which allows the performance of daily business easier as food from different restaurants and asked uber cars, voice command and without having to catch the phone. After that the company presented the advantages of Bixby started to show 200 different Earphone in the hall blasting their music at the same time but this is something that is carefully planned and not a review only.

With the launch of the headphones Bixby seems that Samsung want to enjoy the most by far about the advantages of artificial intelligence that have been the focus of by headphones Google and Amazon barrage, the company also wanted to focus on music for a lot of users and certainly this move is not bad in any way. To support the move by the company is cooperating with Spotify the company’s decision to develop listening to music the owner of the fame of the tyrant so when you launch the sky and over the distant future or the following versions.

Headset Samsung smartphone has a lot of advantages

سماعة Galaxy Home الذكية: رد سامسونج على جوجل وأمازون

Also to attract users to the benefits of the new according to what the company has disclosed in its conference are looking for you in the room to direct the sound toward you to be the center of a feature we don’t know how you even now detailed. In addition, the company revealed that the handset will contain eight micron different will listen to voice commands very well. Also you can activate voice commands by syntax “Hey Bixby,” and then give the command that you want to perform.

And the price of the sky of the new Galaxy Home materials released not Samsung to disclose any of these details, according to the conference Monday with more details will be at the Samsung developer conference the next. Anyway, the owners of the Galaxy Note 9 will be able to experience the advantages of artificial intelligence assistant Bixby new when you launch the phone in the twenty-fourth of this month before launching the phone first smart company.

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