Healbe GoBe2: Russian smart bracelet, which he counts calories

Many developers of wearable devices often use crowdfunding platforms as it is one of the fastest ways to attract investment to release a new cool product. Moreover, crowdfunding has succeeded not only foreign but also domestic developers: the creators of smart fitness bracelet Healbe GoBe were able to raise over a million dollars for the release of their device when initially requested amount of 100 thousand dollars.

It happened in 2012 with the support of the Center for innovation and technological consulting “Algorithm”, and that the Russian developers decided not to stop. Last year they introduced a second version of the bracelet Healbe GoBe, which quickly gained the title of the smartest fitness bracelet in the world. Still, there is almost no market of devices that can count calories and monitor water balance of the user.

Initially, the developers wanted to create a non-invasive blood glucose meter, and when they were able to track changes in the level of glucose in the body with the help of the Healbe FLOW technology, they went ahead and introduced the device to a wider audience. Heabe GoBe 2 not only analyzes the bioimpedance, but also equipped with a sensor galvanic skin response, a sensor measuring heart rate, as well as gyro, magnetometer and accelerometer.

How it works

The bioimpedance sensor sends different frequency signals through the skin, measuring the amount of liquid that cells can absorb and release when raising or lowering the concentration of glucose. Then hardware and software system already provides information to the owner of the bracelet, which describes data on the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, water levels in the body and other indicators. After data are summarized, Heabe GoBe 2 defines the energy balance in order to know whether to reduce or increase caloric intake.

Because the bracelet analyzes itself, no need to burn consumption of calories and to use various calculators (and this is the longest part in scheduling of power). In addition, all data is sent to the application with user-friendly interface, which can be downloaded as in App Storeand in Google Play.

What else can Healbe GoBe2

In addition to monitoring the level of water in the body, the bracelet calculates the stress level (very useful), shows the phases of sleep, and makes recommendations for effective rest, including wakes at the right phase of sleep, and monitors the pulse. Of course, without counting the steps there were, and if you compare the readings Healbe GoBe2 with other wearable devices, domestic bracelet boasts more accurate measurements.

What’s the difference from the first version of Healbe GoBe?

First, the material of the bracelet replaced with plastic, whereby he not only became easier (almost twice), but also better establishes a connection with a mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0.

Added a sensor galvanic skin response, an accelerometer was 9-axis (was formerly 3-axis), a gyroscope and a magnetometer. In the second version of Healbe GoBe uses a more powerful Intel STLED524, and the memory was built-in (NAND).

The dimensions of the bracelet has remained virtually unchanged, but the battery life has increased on an hour — now the device can work without recharging for more than 49 hours. To recharge the bracelet uses the included magnetic dock, equipped with a led indicator.

About Healbe GoBe2

The bracelet itself consists of two parts: detachable plastic case with all electronic stuffing and strap, which is made of synthetic material. The materials are very soft to the touch and appearance Healbe GoBe2 so versatile bracelet can be worn not only with casual clothes, but a business suit.

The device has no display in the conventional sense — information is displayed using miniature LEDs. However, they allow you to conveniently check the time, battery life, number of steps, distance, pulse and, of course, the data about the consumed and spent calories. The screen also acts as a tool for reminders — for example, to replenish the amount of water in the body. In addition, the bracelet features a built-in vibration motor.

Button this device is only one — it is located on the side faces and used for power management and display information on the display.

Fitness bracelet, that I want to use

Due to the functions, which in fact is one of the fitness bracelet Healbe GoBe2 do not want to remove with your hands. The bracelet is comfortable and he received shows calories burned, wakes up at the right phase of sleep, measure pulse and so on. In addition, it can be worn in the bathroom — a valid immersion in water up to 3 meters (not in salt).

Despite the fact that this bracelet is not a medical device, it is perfect for home use, will help to establish the power to control the load and the time to drink water.

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