“Healthy” reveal a new technique for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and male infertility – Emirates today

Revealed the head of Institute of Radiology & Consultant Interventional Radiology at Al Ain Hospital, a subsidiary of Seha, for the success of the Eye Hospital, in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and in men with catheter Asia, which is a sophisticated technique of intervention surgery for men afflicted with sexual functions and, where this process is done through endoscopy and radiography.

Said swab inspection, during the ninth World Conference of Pediatric Radiology, organized by the Abu Dhabi company for Health Services “healthy” over the course of two days, concluded its work today, that the new technology achieved success in the treatment of many cases of impairments, nationality, indicating that the process of catheter embolization is conducted through an incision less than a length of 3 mm in the region of the ureter through the femoral vein, through the technical editor, which use small tubes called & catheters, wires, guide small, with the aim of access to veins ill, and then is injected a catheter in the form of particles of Micro-from the article Grove, the Used in fill any areas leaking blood through her veins, as revealed by fluoroscopy imaging radiology during operation of the catheter.

He added: “the process of the catheter is designed to facilitate the flow of blood naturally, the members of the executive and, the process is simple and effective surgery, in is negligible and economically feasible, the process takes only one hour, the patient can return to his home after three hours.

Follow velvet debate: “a lot of cases the pathological, clinical, and arrangement of vascular disease, which may contribute to the morbidity of erectile function, the formation of these diseases on morbidity coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, high cholesterol malignant, cigarette smoking and obesity, indicating that the process of catheter embolization, is performed in the framework of the operations of the same day, and does not require general anesthesia or a stay in the hospital for more than five hours, and patients can resume their work after three days.


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