Heba Shams El Din, the”night online”: technology helped me in the narrative “tells that”

“Rumored to be” a page on Facebook talking about influential figures, no history, and left a trail behind her departure, artists and scientists, public figures, easy to know their stories and the story of their success and obstacles they faced in their life, offer you “the gift of the sun” in a simple way with the latest techniques and technology available.

Heba Shams El Din, the foundation “is rumored to be,” she said during the intervention telephone Program “night online”, and broadcast over station tone FM on frequency 105.3, The main goal of the idea is to broadcast positive energy to have followers especially the younger generation who are in dire need for positive incentives.

Tracking the gift in her videos, as a means of modern communication between them and the traffickers, says: “the idea is based on the published videos talking about some of the characters, whether age old or modern, with shed light on aspects of the unknown from their lives, and those aspects could put her up for the first time, and telling tales to the performance of the sound of my voice can deliver the message directly.”

On the page “rumored to be” the gift of Shams al-Din on the tree peaches and karaoke, says:” modern technology helped me in non-proliferation, and found interaction on the part of traffickers that would serve as a strong motivation to complete the series characters that you have processed and I will post them sold over the page tells that on Facebook.”

Because the number of followers increased on a page, it to use techniques and modern technology, intend to launch a channel on YouTube during the next period, say over the schools their program “Night Online”: “I’m alone all the operations of processing such as recording sound and images and their arrangement on the audio within the video file and then upload them to Facebook, the channel will be a way better technology to document videos, save them and increase their spread.”

The software program “live online,” the largest radio program specialized in communications and technology, and his gift of Mr. Tata Imam Ahmed area and the immortality of the rare, airs Sundays and Thursdays from 12 to 1 pm through the radio station tone FM, sponsored by Samsung and gummy, and the production company’S exclusive agent for radio Nile, and rings are different and diversified, we recommend you not miss them, we also advise you not to miss the follow-up to the gift of the Sun also.. from here I watched one of the episodes of “Once Upon a time”.

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