Helmet virtual reality independent HTC Vive, Cosmos will reach the market this year

HTC Vive Cosmos

Based on the publication by the company HTC is now in the middle of its official developers Vive Developers Forum, it was decided to now version of the helmet virtual reality independent HTC Vive Cosmos announced by the company in the month of January last in the middle or late this year.

Was company HTC excited about the price or the launch date of this helmet is the independent reality of the virtual, but the new publication which was published by the Taiwanese company in the middle of its official developers confirms that the helmet HTC Vive Cosmos is in the final stages of testing, which indicates that this helmet will be ready for launch before the end of the summer. On this subject, stated the company HTC, said : ” since the HTC Vive Cosmos will be available soon, we dedicate our resources to make sure that your content looks great on the new helmet. In fact, we are committed to taking advantage of the next couple of months to conduct the tests, inclusive “.

In fact, this is not the first time that the company HTC helmet independent virtual reality, it has already announced the company about the helmet and the HTC Vive Focus in 2017. However, the most prominent feature in the helmet HTC Vive Cosmos new is the ease of use so that indicated to us by HTC that users will be able to bring it with them to any place and enjoy the experience of augmented reality easily.

According to Mr. Daniel O’brien, who held the post of Director General of the Department of virtual reality at the company HTC, has stated when the announcement was made officially on the helmet, saying : ” We found that more than 85 percent of the users of virtual reality believe that the ease of Use and installation is the most important factor to consider when buying a helmet of virtual reality. We believe that the HTC Vive Cosmos will facilitate the task of access to virtual reality more accessible for those who maybe didn’t invest in virtual reality before and are looking to experience the experiences of virtual reality “.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that the company HTC also presented pictures of the helmet HTC Vive Cosmos which embraces a smart phone, which hints that it will be able to work with devices and virtual reality portable computers and personal power.


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