Help child-labor force learn to read.. the specification of the application of the Rivet from Google

A lot of children are struggling to read at an appropriate level for the age group of their own, so Google has released a application of the Rivet where the betting Google that technology can help them reach maximum speed to learn to read through that application, an application for Android and iOS designed to make reading practice accessible to everyone and easy to learn.

How it works the application of Rivet

تطبيق Rivet التجريبي من Google لمساعدة الأطفال على تعلم القراءةApplication of the Rivet demo of Google to help children learn to read

Offers more than 2,000 books arranged by difficulty, and uses speech technology to train children to pronounce them, can Rivet read words or entire pages, highlighting the words as it but can also listen to the child reading and providing feedback on the words that didn’t read it properly, the application depends also on the mechanics of the game to young readers too, by the badges, avatars and points and a variety of books claim all tastes.

The app features also the specificity consists in the consent of the parents on what they will read to their children before they started it by putting the data requested by the app and parents using their mail mail on Google put it.

The app works on phones and tablets andChromebooks friendship for Android, although it is available in English only in 11 countries (including the United States, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa), but that there are expectations that within a short time will be available in all languages, where developers add more content and support more areas and integrate the application of Rivet better in the positions of the semester, seeking to make his application a certified to learn to read within schools.

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