Helps stop snoring sleeping on your side?

Nearly half of all adults snore — if not you, I would have. Loud and constant snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorders that require medical intervention. They say that you can get rid of snoring, if you sleep on your side. Is it really so?

For starters, remember this. Snoring is the result of airway obstruction during sleep. When you fall asleep, your mouth, tongue and throat relax. The soft tissue in the throat can relax to such an extent that it would partially block your Airways. When air passes through this narrow slit, he forces the tissue to vibrate, producing a characteristic hum. The thinner passage for the air, the greater will be its flow, and thus the vibrations that turn into snoring.

How to stop snoring?

The deeper causes of snoring is different in all people. It may be obesity, as excess weight on the neck and chest compresses the airway. Among other reasons for Allergy and drinking alcohol before bed (it relaxes the throat muscles). Some people are born with a thick soft palate, or low-hanging tab, which lets air flow in the throat.

How to sleep to not snore? Sleep experts agree that sleeping on your back aggravates snoring. Because when you sleep, your tongue, soft palate and throat muscles automatically relax. If you sleep on your back, these relaxed muscles will fall down and back, closing the airway.

Sleeping on your side will help to get rid of the relaxed tongue blocking the airway. But if the problem is allergies or obesity, it is unlikely to help.

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