Here are 5 Series technology you can follow her on vacation holiday

Among many of the TV business, we find some of the films predicted the future, and here we have series featuring the topic:

1) Mr. Robot

A group of inventors are using computers, smart phones and other technology to expose the companies and characters are corrupt, knows the series from the perspective of Elliott, who works engineer electronic security day and making hacking attacks at night.

2) Silicon Valley

Reviews of the series explicitly startup the Silicon Valley with the giants of the technique in the context of comedy, it features the show presented the life of programmers and application developers in meticulous detail, whether their careers or social, which is the best series on the list from my point of view.

3) (Black Mirror (+18

If you weren’t worried about the intervention of different techniques to our daily lives, this series may change your opinion, each episode has an independent story, the future affected by fluctuations in the specific – except the first episode, both the implementation of the regular tasks or social relations.

4) (Altered Carbon (+18

Revolves after about 350 years, where can digitize consciousness and store it to be used in a new body, and so he is called Takeshi in the body of a cop stigmatized, at the request of the world’s richest people Lorenz Bancroft, to find himself in front of a choice: solve the murder of a Lorenz or imprisonment for life for his crimes.

5) (West World (+18

Is set in the future that requires the human to past experience, so visiting a world (Park) embodies the past and full of robots that take human form, used robots and systems artificial intelligence advanced, so much so that they think themselves human.

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