Here is a twist! The new iPhone may be similar to the Mac Pro

The network has already appeared information (albeit questionable) on 4-touch the rear camera 13 iPhone (iPhone Pro 12 – how we feel – we all already know). And what will happen then, after another couple of years? The details do not even know those who are responsible for their evolution in the Apple, but something about the future of Apple smartphones, you can learn from open publications, and this is not an idle invention, but the description of the inventions made by Apple engineers in the process of solving unsolvable problems. Rights to these inventions is necessary to protect, and the U.S. patent and trademark has the right to hide from curious minds information about issued patents. And in one of the patents granted to Apple a few days ago, there is a hint of “terrible” conditions in which it will have to live with iPhone in the future.

Just in case you not too upset, even the inventions protected by patents held by Apple, not always used in its products. It is therefore written in the mandatory part of the patent application where you need to explain who and why may need the invention – especially anyone or anything is not required. He needs only one thing: it must be believable. An official in the patent office should not have stupid questions.

That suggests the description to the patent number 10,667,426 may not happen at all, ever. This could easily be a simple distraction from the fact that the real reason of the filing of this patent was the desire to “repeat” another Apple invention, in the value and importance of which no one doubts. Remember the holes very complex forms on the body of the Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR? The ones that are badly coped with a cheese grater the girl from iFixit, but with the heat and easier to cope perfectly. In patent number 10,667,426 describes almost the same thing, but for iPhone.

These holes may soon be in iPhone

Why iPhone hot

Processors from Apple, if you do not know, from the first to the most recent models are known for their unprecedented “cold” – they do not overheat even in the most labor - and resource-intensive tasks. While not exactly thin or weak. It is because of these qualities in the Apple made the decision about the transition on their Mac computer modifications.

And suddenly, in the future, with at least one of these Apple engineers predict problems.

The transition to Apple’s A14 may be not so smooth

“In the future” – said in the description “will significantly increase the processing power in the iPhone CPU and GPU, and the need for effective drainage to be allocated in their work the heat will increase.”

Problems are possible if the iPhone will be installed exactly the same system-on-chip, as in Mac OS and the iPhone they would be uncomfortable. Or, if departed in the past year from a microprocessor unit Apple a couple of dozen engineers and technical managers it headless and inefficient. Or hopelessly lost secret of the miraculous power efficiency of the chips – who knows what? And now this property decided to donate. This is only the most popular assumption that you can find in the media, and not even in the articles themselves and the comments to them.

Apple patent for iPhone-style Mac Pro

Most likely, the preamble is written with the sole and very clear purpose. With the aim to write the preamble, without revealing in it that should not be disclosed. And along the way, to mislead the competitors. Let them come to the conclusion that Apple is changing the priorities, and is low heat dissipation (and energy consumption) will increase (at any price) their power. Suddenly they were able to eliminate what interfered with it still – low capacity batteries? With them will be. In any case, you need to take action.

As already guessed by many readers in our Telegram chat, patent number 10,667,426 is related to Apple’s patents on the 3-dimensional structure that provides the maximum intensity of heat dissipation, and in addition, significantly reduces the weight of the structure while maintaining its strength. In iPhone its purpose, according to the preamble is exactly the same. 3-dimensional curvatures in the elements is significantly smaller additional, converted.

In contrast to the large arrays of holes with a sly profile will be limited to the walls of the housing, they will continue inside. In bearing elements of the structure, clamping the heated chips and chipsets. And not just basking. Uncompromisingly durable, thin and lightweight “ribs” will increase the resistance to deformation. Peculiar patterns on the faces of hull – beautiful stylistic move. A water – and dustproof will be sacrificed for the sake of strength and best heat dissipation.

Only cutouts are not on the screen

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