Here you have 6 main pieces Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy S10 5G – the first smartphone from Samsung with support for the latest 5G technologies and will debut it in April of this year. Unfortunately it is not known in what countries the device will go on sale immediately after launch, but in the country, in South Korea, it will appear in the Windows of shops as early as next April. Yet in the hands of the flagman and information about the start of its sales, let’s look at the six key features listed by Samsung today.

As you may have guessed, the Galaxy S10 5G is the fastest Samsung smartphone to date. Quick this is manifested not so much in performance as in ability to work with the mobile networks of new generation. Thanks to the speed of 5G users will be able to stream videos in 4K resolution and play the most complex modern games with little or no delay. Apparently, the smartphone will allow you to download files at speeds up to 20 Gbps.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 5G will become the largest smartphone of Samsung to date. A huge thanks to a 6.7-inch display, which Samsung calls Dynamic AMOLED, this screen will be impossible to hide even if they wanted to.

Another important feature of this 5G-smartphone is the huge battery capacity of 4500 mAh, compatible with SuperFast charging power up to 25 watts. Using a special Wireless PowerShare the owner of this smartphone will even be able to charge them with any other device that supports wireless charging by simply putting this device to the back of the Galaxy S10 5G.

Also Galaxy S10 5G just have to catch the fancy of photographers as it includes as much as six cameras, two of which front. This, of course, according to Samsung, all that bright. In fact these cameras will need to test in different shooting conditions before making any conclusions.

The next feature of the South Korean flagship also has a direct relation to its numerous cameras. For the first time Samsung has learned their smartphone to add a “bokeh” effect in the video, not just photos, as it was before. A new mode called Video Live Focus, and he is able to blur the background when shooting videos in real-time. Interesting, as for me, the thing you really want to protest.

And last, but not least: Galaxy S10 5G is equipped with cameras that detect the degree of the depth of objects in the frame. The smartphone can measure the distance of objects from the camera viewfinder, and to understand at what distance (layer) they are. The function called “Quick Measure”.

Of course, the upcoming flagship from Samsung can offer so much more opportunities, but the South Korean company is betting on these six, which are expected to force consumers to buy this smartphone.

How do Galaxy S10 5G? Worthy features will be the new product against the competitors?

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